Hosted Virtual Private Servers

Maximum performance, minimum risk

VPS — the server solution of choice for SMBs, offering all the benefits of an owned server at a fraction of the cost

With N-Mesh Technologies VPS, your applications run from a dedicated server in our data center, supported by redundant power supplies and bandwidth connections, and protected 24/7 by our security monitoring. And while the server is virtual, your privacy is not: Your business won’t be sharing CPU, RAM, or storage with other users and so can’t be impacted by peaks in their workload or bandwidth demands.

Your business will be running server resources dedicated to your applications and storage needs, at maximum speed and minimum risk. This means your company can access enterprise-grade server performance without the need for you to make the costly infrastructure investments.


Features of N-Mesh Technologies’ VPS service:

  • Performance: Dedicated processing and storage capacities mean faster application speed and website loading.
  • Reliability: Your server is isolated, so other customers’ traffic and computing activities cannot impact the speed or security of your IT resources.
  • Control: VPS gives you maximum control over your server configuration, including the OS and any application installations.
  • Security: N-Mesh Technologies operates a hardened data center that conforms to multiple industry standards for power redundancy, connectivity, and cybersecurity defenses.
  • Support: We provide 24/7 monitoring and technical support, including guidance on applications and website hosting.

The Tier 3 designation guarantees N-Mesh’s servers provide 99.982 percent availability for our clients

SOC2 Tested certification ensures N-Mesh’s facilities comply with industry-defined benchmarks for privacy, security, and availability

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