Server Colocation

N-Mesh Technologies’ data center provides the most secure and economical environment for your servers

Grow your capacity for information handling, without the need for costly infrastructure investment

Information has become a prime commodity today and for many businesses, that information resides on servers. Servers require their own infrastructure — rack space, power, cooling, security, and connectivity. N-Mesh Technologies’s Colocation service lets you eliminate these costs by housing your servers in our facility, a certified data center that provides the infrastructure and physical security to keep your information safe and accessible.

The N-Mesh Technologies data center was built specifically to meet industry-defined benchmarks for privacy, security, and availability. Included are security features like the latest firewalls to prevent unauthorized access, as well as redundant power, cooling, and bandwidth. A modular design means individual components can be serviced or replaced without impacting your server’s availability. And of course, the facility is monitored 24/7 by our expert staff.

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Features of N-Mesh Technologies’ Server Colocation:

  • Significant savings: Our Colocation service requires fewer dollars and less floor space than maintaining your servers on site.
  • Stable connectivity: The N-Mesh Technologies data center has fully redundant network connections to ensure your business-critical applications run interruption-free.
  • Network security: We implement leading-edge security protocols including the latest firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your server and its data.
  • Disaster hardening: Our data center offers cooling and power redundancy through a combination of power grid, generators, and battery backup systems, supported by thorough maintenance.
  • Scalability: Our service offers access to flexible bandwidth levels to handle peaks and troughs in your workload demands.
  • Capacity: If your company grows, your IT infrastructure can expand to support it, quickly and with less investment.

The Tier 3 designation guarantees N-Mesh’s servers provide 99.982 percent availability for our clients

SOC2 Tested certification ensures N-Mesh’s facilities comply with industry-defined benchmarks for privacy, security, and availability

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